FQHC Telehealth Best Practices

Session 1

SEPTEMBER 28 / 3:00 PM / ET
Successfully Engaging Hard to Reach Populations with Telehealth: Tips and Tricks for Patient Connectivity and Access Equity How do clinics successfully engage patients with limited broadband, no technology, language differences, or disabilities? In this session staff from interdisciplinary backgrounds will share their best practices for effectively streamlining the process for patient engagement. You will hear from Federally Qualified Health Centers about their approaches for achieving telehealth access equity and mastering the process for connecting with patients.

Session 2

OCTOBER 5 / 3:00 PM / ET
Successfully Engaging Staff with Telehealth: Tips and Trips for Getting the Team Onboard the Telehealth Train A strong internal culture and infrastructure is needed to effectively implement telehealth. So how does a Federally Qualified Health Center achieve that with so many different roles, personalities, and tight time schedules while still being financially lucrative? You will hear from staff and clinicians on best practices that enabled them to conduct their work in an organization with optimal systems.

Session 3

OCTOBER 12 / 3:00 PM / ET
Making Smart and Effective Telehealth Technology Decisions: Making Both Your Clinician and Patients Happy Telehealth technology choices are expanding. How do you choose one that is simple to use, enables a streamlined workflow, and is secure? In this interactive session interdisciplinary Federally Qualified Health Center staff will describe their best practices for incorporating technology into the workflow that enhances effectiveness, efficiency, and minimizes user agitation.

Session 4

OCTOBER 19 / 3:00 PM / ET
Telehealth after the Public Health Emergency – Where Should We Go From Here? What is the future of telehealth after COVID? Now that the quick scramble to get programs up and running or expanded is over, what can organizations do to optimize their existing infrastructure? In this session you will hear from Federally Qualified Health Centers on their plans to augment their programs for quality improvement, enhanced staff and patient experiences, and financial efficiency.


Sep 28 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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